About Us

Who we are

Onyx Community Care is a dedicated NDIS service provider

We have fully-trained and equipped personnel to help people with special needs and disabilities.

Building A Better Health Care Support


Our vision is to be the largest NDIS service provider to help people live fulfilled, happy, and independent lives.


Our mission is to provide people with disabilities and special needs with empathetic, quality, and personalized assistive services to promote autonomy and independence.

What we do

The best counseling from the best psychologists

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Our Objectives

To offer exceptional NDIS and assistive services that help people live autonomously.

Our Approach

Our approach is to offer individualized support and care services that are tailored to suit the unique aspirations, preferences, and needs of each client. Our team of experienced and dedicated experts works together with clients and their close people to develop care plans.

Our Principles

• Advocacy and Empowerment
• Collaborative Approach
• Commitment to Quality

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